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  • Family Promise of MC

Parenting is not walk in the park. Parenting, as it is, can absolutely be a daunting task. Now, add a pandemic into the mix, and things can get out of hand quickly. We here at Family Promise of Montgomery County know that there is no one and only way to perfectly parent. And during these uncertain times, it is easy for the world to become not only dangerous, but incredibly overwhelming. 

Here are some of our best little pieces of advice for you as you navigate parenting in the midst of a pandemic.

Set aside family time. Spend quality time with the people you love. Whether that be your immediate family or your extended family via video chat, staying connected with loved ones is important. We suggest family game nights, cooking or baking together, or even a family dance party!

Answer questions. Your children may have many questions about COVID-19 and the uncertainties that it brings. The best thing you can do is answer these questions honestly and simply. Tell the truth. Put the truth in simple terms so they can process what is going on. Let them feel in the loop and educated on the changing world.

Teach safety. Educate your children on the best ways to stay safe and be sure to model these behaviors yourself! Whether that is vigorous hand-washing (which we always highly recommend!), mask-wearing, hand-sanitizing, or any other safety measure, it is best to be upfront about these guidelines and follow them yourself.

Always look forward. Remind your children that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Tell them about the scientists who are working hard everyday to keep our world healthy. Tell them about all of the fun things that are soon to come!

Take care of yourself, too. Remember that being a caregiver is a full-time job. Be easy on yourself. Keep body healthy and your mind clear. Find things in your life that bring you joy and clarity. Whether that be exercising, painting, cooking, or cleaning, find what works and make room for it in your schedule every day. 

Above all, be kind to yourself. We are in uncharted waters. The best thing to do is stay calm, motivated, caring, and clear. You got this.

Healthy Families = Healthy Community. Family Promise is working towards doing our part daily.

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  • Family Promise of MC

Let’s face it. The world is quite a blur right now. With twists and turns being thrown everyday, it can be hard to find peace, comfort, and stability. Here are 7 things you can do for you and your family to help keep you all sane, inspired, motivated, and overall healthy.

1. Make art

According to a Psychology Today article, it is proven that a 45-minute art-making session can reduce stress by up to 75%. Not only will you be getting your stress levels down, but you will be bonding with your family and getting those creative juices flowing. You can find free coloring pages at this link:

2. Stay fit

Exercising is a great way to stay fit and keep your blood pumping. Exercise releases endorphins (the happy brain chemical), so after you complete a workout, it is proven that you will feel happier than before. Some exercises we recommend are going on a walk or run or even having a dance party with your family.

3. Try a new recipe

Involve the family and find ways to bond together while also nourishing your bodies! Not only will trying out a fun recipe give your family a fun activity to bond over, it is proven that cooking your own meals is beneficial to your health.

4. Enjoy nature

One of the easiest and most fun ways to get your body moving is to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that we have here in Texas. You can go for a walk on the trails or on a national preserve, you can visit a local beach, or even just catch some sunshine rays on your lawn.

5. Limit your intake

While it is great to be informed, there is such a thing as too much intake. During times like these, the news is particularly negative and scary. Taking steps to reduce the time you spend checking in on the news will help keep your stress levels down and keep you connected to your family.

6. Lean on loved ones

You are not alone! In these unprecedented times, it can be hard to determine what the right move is. You may feel isolated or alone, but that is normal. Take this time to lean into family and friends who can offer you support and comfort.

7. Spread your joy

Think of ways you can spread your happiness to others. There are so many ways to do it! One idea we have is colorfully painting rocks and leaving them on trails for your neighbors to see. Seeing fun artwork along the trails will always put a smile on someone’s face.

Healthy Families = Healthy Community. Family Promise is working towards doing our part daily.

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  • Family Promise of MC

Conroe, TX (March 24, 2020) The Family Promise Annual Luncheon has been changed to a NO SHOW LUNCHEON on Tuesday, March 31 from 11:00am-2:00pm via Facebook Live at Family Promise of Montgomery County, Texas. No tickets to attend the event are necessary! FREE!

Family Promise is a local non-profit serving 4 homeless families at a time in rotating faith communities in a collaborative mission to increase their job readiness, and stability to enable them to be self-sustainable. Approved families with children are entered into Family Promises 90-day personal plan to reach attainable goals with a case manager. Topics include positive parenting skills, stress management, family safety, and budgeting. Families are provided meals, hygiene items, clothing, childcare, transportation, and shelter through partnering churches in the community.

Family Promise families graduated from the 90-day program in 2019 with a 100% success rate securing employment in fields as a pharmacy technician, an administrative assistant, and a prison guard to name a few. Graduated families stay connected to the program through private group forums and staff engagement. It is important for families to know that the organization is still interested in supporting the families that graduate.

Church partners set up bedding accommodations on Sunday afternoon for a weeklong stay through the following Sunday morning. Volunteers with the church provide a morning breakfast for the guests and evening meals. Each family must leave each day to seek work, get children to school or daycare, or work on their goals at the Family Promise Day Center located near downtown Conroe. Church involvement is critical to the success of Family Promise. The Day Center is where the families conduct job searches, receive case management, cook mid-day meals, do laundry, and store most of their belongings.

During the event hear from a graduate family of the program, some of the Family Promise Board Members and American Idol Finalist Phil Stacey. The Annual Spring Luncheon is one of the largest fundraisers every year. Community support is needed more than ever to continue serving homeless families. The current families in the program are having to stay in hotels since they cannot stay in the churches with the coronavirus. This is an escalating cost to the Family Promise organization.

View all the silent auction items on the Facebook page and register for alerts when new items are posted by signing up online at Raffle tickets will be sold online, 1 for $5 or 5 for $20 for a gift card tree and phone calls will be accepted during the luncheon for silent auction items. Call (404) 323-9601.

Conroe Church of Christ is a collaborative faith partner with Family Promise. "Family Promise gives us the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus through hospitality”, said. Lisa Van De Walle, a volunteer coordinator with the church. “The church is simply an extension of our own homes; a place we can offer rest and reassurance to families needing a little extra help getting back on track."

Currently there are 9 churches sharing the hosting responsibilities for a week at a time. Without church support, Family Promise must pay approximately $562/week for food and lodging in a hotel for each client family.

“The families that enter our program have come from trauma”, said Marilyn Kasmiersky, Executive Director of Family Promise of Montgomery County. “The sudden loss of a job, accident, illness or domestic violence and not being able to provide for your family is a hopeless and scary feeling. The families have used all of their resources and may be going from couch to couch for shelter. Some families end up in their car with their children. You can see sadness and fear on the faces of the children. They did not have a choice in this situation.

Sponsors for the 6th Annual (No Show) Family Promise Luncheon include Amy and Chris Havern, Woodforest National Bank, the Kurtz Family, Dr. Ken Davis, the Woodley Family, Christ Church United Methodist, Woodforest Wealth Strategies, Re-elect Judge Claudia Laird Campaign, Dennis Fletcher, Savanah Manhold, Cherrie Watson, Claudia Hohlt Broker Associate, and Jo Ann Linzer, Attorney at Law. Annual Sponsors include Bleyl Engineering, Cowboy Kia, 5 Point Credit Union, MJR Services, America’s Home Place, and Conroe Church of Christ.

Since 2001, Family Promise of Montgomery County has served 350 families; including 600 children, to secure a stable housing, provide for their families, and contribute to the community. Additional programs include ROC Program (Reaching Our Children): counseling and supportive services for children, KAR-GO (Keeping Autos Reliable – Gas & Oil) Program to pay for repairs, tires, registration, and gas.

All donations directly assist families with needs of obtaining their driver’s license, meeting medical needs, paying rental deposits, providing families with gas cards, and covering childcare amongst many other essential services. Additional costs for the organization include maintaining the Day Center and supplying household supplies to support approximately 20 families a year.

All you have to do is watch the event via Facebook Live on Tuesday, March 31 11:00am-2:00pm!

Find out more about Family Promise of Montgomery County by visiting Visit their Facebook page at Call (936) 441-8778 7:00am-5:00pm Monday - Friday.


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