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Organize a supply drive. 

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Discover the wide range of volunteer opportunities at Family Promise – from serving meals, to providing financial literacy training, to assisting with fundraising events. There is something for everyone!

Volunteers play an essential role in helping families experiencing homelessness attain sustainable


Hosting Weeks

Family Promise of Montgomery County partners with local congregations and corporations to provide meals and overnight hosting to our families. We are in need of volunteers who will help prepare meals and deliver them to our families as well as overnight Hosts in our Guest Center.

What do you do?

Grocery shop for the meal
Prepare the meal at home
Deliver the meal, including drinks to the Guest Center by 6pm


Family Promise of Montgomery County serves up to Six (6) families at one time: max of 20 individuals. Volunteers can partner with their church, co-workers, neighbors, or friends and family to prepare a meal for all families. We would inform you of the exact number of families and ages of the children, so you know how much food to provide. Family Promise Guest Center has a dining area, so our families are able to meet you and eat dinner together. Volunteers are not only welcome to dine with our families but are also encouraged to bring their children as this is a family-friendly volunteer opportunity.

Select Volunteer Opportunities That Match Your Passion and Availability:




Evening Host

Share time and meals with children and their families, offering them community and support as they work towards sustainable independence.

Family Mentoring

Partner with a family for a long-term peer relationship to ensure they will be able to stay in housing and meet their goals.

Homework Help

Work with children in the program, helping them learn and excel at school.

Make a Meal

Provide hot, nutritious food for children and families who may not otherwise have a nourishing meal.


Serve as overnight hosts who help children with homework, stay with families overnight, and help them get their mornings off to a great start.

Career Readiness

Empower families for success by helping with resumes, interview skills, and identifying career pathways.

Financial Literacy

Help families build the base for sustainability by teaching skills like budgeting and credit repair.

Good Tenancy

Give families support and guidance as they move into housing.

Health and Wellness

Participate in programs that address mental, physical, and spiritual health, and wellness for families.


Empower families with computer and technology skills, thus allowing them to advance at work and at home.

Day Center Admin

Provide office support at our day centers so we can serve more families.

Fundraising Events

Plan, support, and participate in events to raise awareness and funding for families.

Public Relations

Use your skills to help share our mission and raise awareness about family homelessness through print communications and social media.

Supply Drives

Gather essentials like diapers, household items, and school supplies.

Repair and Renew

Refurbish, renovate, upkeep, and gardening projects around Day Center and new homes for families.

Let's get started!

Where would you like to help?

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“Each time we make room for strangers, we chip away at the fear and isolation and heartbreak in our world. We also get to participate in something that is life giving, both to us and the people we welcome.”

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