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Family Stories


Meet your nurse!

Diana G. is moving on to the next chapter of her life and pursuing her dreams! Through the Family Promise program, Diana was able to not only get a job working as school clinic assistant, but she has also gotten on the right track to begin on an exciting venture. Through her hard work and dedication, Diana is working hard to finish her RN degree so she can begin clinicals. She has received the Texas Star Oaks Fund scholarship to complete her education. Here she is pictured with Jan McKemy and Robbynn Selzer from the TSOF Scholarship Committee. 

We are so proud of you, Diana!

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Julia and her family

Julia* and her children first found themselves facing homelessness when Julia left an abusive relationship. 

Sometime later, with the help of loved ones and a new, supportive partner, Ivan, Julia got back on her feet. But just as things were returning to normal, she faced yet another setback – the family car broke down. Without enough money for car repairs and no way for Ivan to get to work, the family lost income and could no longer afford rent. They learned about Family Promise just as they received an eviction notice.


Family Promise moved the family into its emergency shelter program and began working with them to rebuild their life. Family Promise helped Julia and Ivan apply for a housing voucher and supported Ivan’s efforts to earn his GED. Just as the summer began, they found an affordable apartment.  


“At times, it felt like we were never going to make it out of this,” says Julia, who appreciates the opportunity to work with Family Promise.


Now, the family is in their new home and has the encouragement and support to set them up for long-term stability.


*Names changed to protect privacy

Child's Testimony

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Graduated Families


Graduated Families

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