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Our rotational shelter program and warm hospitality is the foundation of the Family Promise model.

"Helping families and their children transition out of the crisis of homelessness..."
"....because no child should be without a home."
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The Process

Families can apply for our Home-to-Home Program; which is our 90-day shelter; either online or by phone 936-441-8778. Our office is open Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.


Once your application has been received and your family qualifies, our Case Manager will contact you to complete a second application and possibly schedule an interview. After the interview, a family may be offered a start date. If your family does not qualify, our Resource Specialist will contact you to begin helping you to find the right resources.

Shelter Qualifications

Families must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must have child/children under the age of 18 years

  • Must currently be homeless or facing homelessness

  • Must be drug/alcohol free

  • Must be able to work full-time and maintain employment

  • Must not have serious criminal history

  • Must be willing to live/work in Montgomery County

The Shelter

The Guest Center
Family Promise of Montgomery County Guest Center can serve up to Six (6) families at any given time in our Guest Center. We partner with churches to assist with meals and overnight hosting for our families during their stay with us. We provide lodging, meals, transportation, fellowship, and networking opportunities for our families.


While families stay in our Guest Center, they will receive holistic case management tailored to their individual family needs. Our Case Managers provide guidance, support, and family advocacy for each of our families and will assist them with their job search, applying for resources, finding childcare and enrolling their children into school, finding reliable transportation, and getting their essential needs met.

Participating families are required to complete online Life Skills classes as per the Case Manager. Topics include Financial Management, Good Nutrition and Healthy Living, Good Parenting, Stress and Anger Management, and Safer Households Information.

Guidance, support, and advocacy are provided to families as they strive to reach their goals through and individualized holistic approach.

  • Resume Building

  • Job Search Resources

  • Housing Searches

  • Resource Referrals

  • Transportation

  • Financial Support


In every community, these core elements exist. By bringing the community together on the issue of family homelessness, Family Promise addresses a major social problem in a holistic, effective way. Once the community becomes engaged, people understand the root causes of family homelessness and take steps to address them. Family Promise Affiliates have created more than 1,700 community initiatives—housing programs, homelessness prevention, childcare and much more—that target the issues of poverty and homelessness on a local level.


Not only does our 88% success rate mean many more families stably housed, it is also a tremendous cost saving to the community as diversion from far more expensive interventions. Our approach of keeping families together, identifying their strengths, and partnering with the community for solutions means that families are at much lower risk of returning to homelessness.


Family Promise of Montgomery County participates in HMIS and a record of your stay and/or services received is being documented.

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