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Join a Volunteer Committee Helping Family Promise of Montgomery County

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to join a committee with Family Promise of Montgomery County! We're excited to have passionate and dedicated individuals like you on our team.

Volunteer committees play a crucial role in the success of Family Promise of Montgomery County. As a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families experiencing homelessness, Family Promise relies heavily on the dedication and commitment of its volunteers to provide a wide range of services and support. The various committees, such as the Fundraising Committee, Annual Gala Committee, and Volunteer Recruitment Committee, help to coordinate the efforts of volunteers, organize events, and provide essential services to families in need. Without the hard work and dedication of these volunteers, Family Promise would not be able to provide the comprehensive and compassionate care that is at the heart of its mission. By working together and leveraging the unique skills and talents of each volunteer, Family Promise is able to make a real difference in the lives of the families it serves.

To apply for a committee volunteer position, please complete the following application:

Committee Member Application

Social Media

Which committee(s) are you interested in volunteering for? Select all that apply:
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