Hotel Weeks

What do I have to do?

  • Grocery shop for the meal
  • Prepare the meal at home
  • Deliver the meal; including drinks and utensils; to the hotel by 6pm

Family Promise of Montgomery County serves up to four (4) families at one time; max of 16 individuals. Volunteers can partner with their church, co-workers, neighbors, or friends and family to prepare a meal for four (4) families. We would inform you of the exact number of families and ages of the children so you know how much food to provide.

The hotel has a dining area so our families are able to meet you and eat dinner together. Volunteers are not only welcome to dine with our families, but are also encouraged to bring their children as this is a family-friendly volunteer opportunity.


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2018 Hotel Weeks

Family Promise of Montgomery County partners with local congregations and corporations to provide shelter facilities to our families. When there is not a facility available, we pay for our program participants to stay in a local hotel here in Conroe. This 2018 year, we have 16 hotel weeks. We are in need of volunteers who will help prepare meals and deliver them to our families while at the hotel.