Family Stories

Meet Tonya, mother of two (27 year-old married daughter and 16 year-old son), who moved from the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a new job in Houston. Tonya and her son Ben moved to Houston in the spring of 2016. Once they arrived, the individual she was to lease an apartment from and had already paid her deposit to, did not show up on their move-in day. Tonya had no savings, very little cash, and nowhere to live. She lost her new job. Shock and devastation set in as she and Ben were now facing homelessness in an area unknown to them.
“Everything fell through.”
“Getting up every morning and not knowing where we were, that was hard for me. I didn’t want to move back to my previous city and face my failures, so I knew I needed help.”

Through a referral, Tonya found out about Family Promise and decided she would apply. Her family entered the Family Promise Home-to-Home program in April on her 46th birthday. “Finding Family Promise has allowed me to hit the reset button in my life. I was able to re-evaluate lessons and see the mistakes I had made. I’m so appreciative of the programs and staff that were there to help my family. I was able to plan out my goals, focus on what was important: my son, and create a new pathway to our family’s success.”


While in Family Promise, Tonya’s family was helped with clothing, food, job resources, and financial education along with the essential needs of every family. When her vehicle was unexpectedly repossessed, she was given a donated vehicle to drive that would later be gifted to her family upon completion of the program.

“Family Promise has really given me a fresh start on life. I’m so thankful for the many opportunities given to me and my son. My experience has taught me to value things that are most important; smiling, giving, sharing. I was given the security and support I needed to fulfill my obligations and shown that with the right attitude there is a way to start over and be successful.”

This hard-working family has had many accomplishments since completing their stay in Family Promise. Tonya is continuing her education, improving her finances, and plans to open her own staffing franchise in Conroe. Ben continues to play football and receive high grades in his academics.

“Family Promise has shown me how I can be a beacon of hope to myself, my son, and others. I want to continue to be an asset to the community that helped me when my family was in need. Family Promise will always be family to me. I know that if I’m in need of a referral, a place to call, or someone to talk to – they will be there.”


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I moved from Phoenix to Texas in 2012 to help my sister. I arrived here with my two children ages 14 and 1 to discover that my sister was a drug addict. She was arrested and my girls and I became homeless. A lady gave us the number to Family Promise and our journey began. My stay at Family Promise was amazing. The staff were very understanding and the volunteers were very loving. LaToya Carter gave me the exact tools I needed to be successful. I’m now employed, in my own place, I’ve adopted two more children and I’ve become very self sufficient. Our future looks amazing. My oldest is now starting her second semester of college and I’m looking into going back to school myself. Thanks and blessings Family Promise!

Tiffany Childs


My family has been through abuse, homelessness and violence. We ended up on the street. I had already lost two of my children and did not want to lose my youngest. Family Promise helped me to be responsible and how to stay away from negative influences in my life. I have a job now and a car and apartment.

It feels great to know that I can be stable and happy now and I have hope now for my family’s future.

Skyelaire Cole


My husband left when Mikey was 1 month old. My Mother’s landlord kicked us out on the fact there was too many member living in the household. I was unsure of our future so I prayed really hard one night. The next day I called a local church and they referred me to Family Promise. I came for an interview and was accepted the same day.

I give all the credit for where I’m at now. The things I accomplished here would have taken me years without Family Promise’s help. I just recently got a promotion now running a department at Walmart. I just moved into a new house and looking to buy a house in the next two years.

Chelisa Levy


Our vision is to alleviate homelessness for families with children in Montgomery County, Texas. We believe strong families build strong communities and our goal is to strengthen families and enable them to become self-sufficient and stable.

Since leaving Family Promise we have entered a least to own agreement on a small piece of property in Splendora with a fixer-upper trailer home. This will be paid off within the next year and we will begin building our own home.

After Family Promise we experienced several pregnancy loses, one of which included our son Like, who was stillborn at 33 weeks. Family Promise was by our side through it all.

Our other boys are now 6, almost 7 and 4. We made the decision to homeschool and our boys are entering 1st grade and kindergarten in September. Eric recently made the leap into starting his own business.

Eric Garcia and Bridgitte McIntyre


I moved to Texas, me and my kids and was staying with a friend for a little while. Found my first job here within the week. I was here, worked for a couple of weeks and things started changing for my family. The friend that I was staying with told me one day that me and my kids had to move out, knowing we had no where to stay or go! I was scared to death only because we had no family here and didn’t know anyone until I contacted Family Promise.

The stay was the best experience I could ever imagine. It was me and 3 kids. We was very comfortable. Me and my kids accomplished more than expected. Since then I have been able to maintain a stable household for my kids and I. The future looks bright and very special for us.

Nicelle Moore


My children and I were involved in an abusive situation so I made the decision to get my kids out but we had no place to go. We learned about Family Promise through First Baptist in Conroe. At the time my daughter was 10 years old and my son was 3 years old.

Our stay in Family Promise was a blessing! We had so many people surrounding us in prayers and support. I was able to find work and housing and was given a donated car.

I have fallen on some health issues so I do not drive right now and I am no longer working but I have met a Godly man who has three boys of his own. We will be getting married in January 2017. I also met my best friend in Family Promise, another mother who graduated the program. Her name is Chelisa and we are glad to have met.

Sandy Salazar


Myself and my son were chronically homeless for about 3 years due to drug addiction, an abusive relationship with his father and poor money skills. We left the women’s shelter and joined Family Promise in February 2016. It was a wonderful opportunity to rebuild and focus on reconnecting with my son. In 90 days I was employed, back in school, sober and had a good jump start on being financially stable for the first time as an adult! The expectations are high and 90 days goes by very fast if you aren’t motivated but there are so many people cheering you on and giving support in so many ways. It is easy to stay encouraged and keep your family’s goals in mind.

In 3 months we went from having nothing to having a start at a life and the confidence and skills to maintain it. I believe that thanks to this program and the volunteers that my son will never see a shelter again. And I know that it’s because of the support, funds and encouragement of Family Promise and the churches involved.

Brittany Schultz


We came to Family Promise after being in and out of families’ homes for two months. We couldn’t get stable jobs because we didn’t have a stable place to live. We were about to have to go to separate shelters because we were not married. It was the two of us and my two daughters. We looked up shelters for families and found Family Promise. They said they would take our family so we came, did the interview and moved in two days later.

Our stay was hard at times just going from church to church and meeting different people but we also met a lot of wonderful people who showed our family love.

Our move out was very special for our family. The day we left Family Promise Adam and I married each other at The Methodist Church in The Woodlands on November 9, 2013 and then moved into our very first place as a family on November 12, 2013. Since moving out our family has had some good times and bad but together we have made it through. My 16 year old son who I had not seen in over a year came back home and joined our family. We have lived in the same place for three years almost. Adam had the same job for two years but was let go and has been doing side jobs for the last 6 months but on Monday July 18th he will start a new full time job. On May 19th my daughter Michelle had a healthy baby boy who we all adore.

Our future is looking bright. We are looking forward to this new chapter in life and what it has to bring. We are thankful for Family Promise and the jump start to our future together.

Lisa Stevenson