90-Day Shelter Program

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90-Days of Shelter

Family Promise of Montgomery County offers homeless families with children up to a 90-day stay with the organization through our Home-to-Home program.

The Home-to-Home program is a 90-day transformational program for homeless families with children, and much of the support is provided by our network of host and support churches. The program encompasses immediate stability response, preparation for independent living, and funding towards the family’s transition into their new home. The goal is to provide direct, hands on case management with a comprehensive approach to help families become self-sufficient and independent. Parents commit to putting forth the effort to become working adults who will manage their finances and households responsibly while providing a healthy and stable living environment for their children. Parents work with their case manager to develop their family’s goals and determine the steps needed to attain them. Parents are educated on good parenting methods, stress and anger management, budgeting, family safety, and healthy living through weekly required life skill classes and personalized financial sessions with individual bankers.

Home-to-Home empowers parents by giving them the tools and resources they need to find and secure full-time employment and to obtain additional help for them and their children. This program helps families transform their thinking, decision-making and daily habits so they fully understand the impacts of every choice made and can be in better control of their planning and future outcomes. Home-to-Home is finalized with financial assistance and furniture donations to aid families in their transition into living on their own again.


Process of Application:

  • Applicants can complete the online application (to the left) or call our Day Center 936-441-8778 to complete a phone application. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm.
  • Once your application has been submitted (online or by phone), our Case Manager will review your application. If you meet the criteria for our Home-to-Home program, the Case Manager will follow-up with you to complete a full application and start the process to schedule an interview.
  • If you do not meet the criteria, your application will be given to our Resource Specialist (RS). The RS will contact you with other resource options and will continue to work with you until your needs are met.



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