A Family Graduating the Program!

A family is graduating the Family Promise program!


A mom and her three boys (ages 3,1 and 8mos) came to Family Promise in October seeking shelter. Their apartment was flooded during Harvey requiring them to relocate and stay with family. Things did not go quite as planned, and this single mom soon found her family homeless. She had tried staying at other shelters but wanted something more stable and a program that could really help her. When applying for Family Promise, in her application she said she was looking for lots of prayer and better support so that she could save her money and be stable.

When this family was accepted into Family Promise, mom immediately found full-time work. She also found an apartment, but was advised to stay a little longer with Family Promise so that she could build a savings before moving into a new home. Finding affordable housing can be challenging for families, especially single parents, and though mom was anxious to seize the opportunity, she chose to put a little trust in our program and be patient. Time was on her side as she continued to work the Family Promise program with no complaints, few requests, and many thank you’s. Working with the Woodforest Reps on her financial curriculum, she was able to develop a budget and plan out what her expected bills would be. In this way, she knew what she could truly afford, how much she would need to save, and how to make smarter money management decisions.


We are so proud of this mom and all that she has accomplished.


She has maintained a very positive attitude and is such a great mother to her little boys. We will continue to keep in touch with them and pray for their continued success!

Mom has completed her family’s WISHLIST (click link to view). If you have any of these items gently used, we’d be ever so grateful if you’d donate it to this family to help them with moving in to their new home. We understand that not everyone will be able to give and that she may not receive all that is on her list, but every little bit will help – and most importantly, it will help keep her from having to use her savings.

If you would like to donate, please call our Day Center (936) 441–8778 to schedule a drop-off or pick-up.

Thank you for all you do to help families in need!

Family Promise of Montgomery County